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About us

The Company Leif Koch A/S

Leif Koch is the leading Danish company in reducing water loss in supply networks. We specialise in locating leaks on drinking water pipes. Through effective efforts and rapid localization of drinking water supply breaks, we reduce the water loss in your distribution network. Our expertise is based on more than 45 years of experience from many parts of the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to secure our water supply and reduce the water loss all over the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people to work towards a common goal and teach them how to protect our drinking water.
We want to secure the water supply through sustainable and innovative solutions and simultaneously getting an understanding and a satisfaction from every involved part.

Our Services

At Leif Koch A/S we are specialised in finding leakages, by listening to the sound of water leaking from buried water pipes. Besides finding the leaks, we also educate people, teach them how to do it themselves and supply the necessary equipment.

We provide:
  • Leakages detection
  • Pipe detection
  • Pinpointing of leakages
  • Guidance
  • Consulting
  • Instruments
  • Courses
The principle of leakage detection and what we do is simple. If there is a sound of running water, when all taps are turned off, there must be a leak. However it is not always this simple and other parameters such as traffic and surrounding noise can affect the listening process, which means that in practice the work is more demanding and know-how becomes essential.
In order to preform our best and make a precise detection of leakages, we apply several different methods in our work, such as:
  • Acoustic detection & monitoring
  • Acoustic correlation analysis
  • Measurement of pressure and flow
  • Sectioning
  • Trace gases
Our 5 Wings
  • The Administration
  • The leakage team
  • The Sales Department
  • Service Center
  • IT & Technology
The Administration in Leif Koch consists of CEO Jørgen Würtzner Koch, CFO Kroeze Andersen and Office Assistant Christina Willerslev. They spend most of their working hours in-house, performing administrative tasks and evaluating the business as well as how we continue to move forward. In addition, our office assistant ensures day-to-day operations and contact with our business partners.
The leakage team consists of our dedicated leak operators Jan Jørgensen, Michael Bak, Lasse Knudsen and Gurdip Dhillon. These are the people you’ll meet in the field where they carry out proactive leak detection in Denmark and abroad. Further, you can meet them as instructors on our courses as well as at fairs and conferences across the country where they share their extensive practical experience in leak detection. Our leakage operators are amongst the few in the world to carry out full-time leakage detection, thus possessing an expertise that benefits our customers.
In the Sales Department you’ll find CEO Jørgen Würtzner Koch, Senior Consultant Westy Rasmussen, as well as Technical Consultant Michael Bak. Together they form the elite of the elite in Denmark when it comes to fingertip knowledge about leak detection. These are the people you meet in the public utilities when they come to visit and chat about the industry's new solutions. They are also to be found at conferences year-round, often with a crowd of curious visitors around them.
At the Service Center you’ll find Michael Bak who also provides services regarding software, repairs as well as customer services and guidance.
Finally, in IT & Technology you’ll find Brian Wengel and Finn Kristensen. They are responsible for IT, software, maintenance and development of Almos Leak. In addition, our accountant is to be found here. Together they form the IT & Technology wing, ensuring that the “invisible” gears work smoothly at all times.
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