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Case Stories

Below you'll find articles mentioning Leif KOch and our global work - some of which are about the same project in different media. Enjoy!

Danish Technology Leads the Way in California

The Water Technology Alliance is a collaboration between Denmark and America, and Leif Koch is a part of the alliance. In addition, the alliance includes Grundfos, Danfoss, Kamstrup, Ramboll, Aarhus Vand, Applied Biomimetic, Smith Innovation, Skytem, DHI.
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Non Revenue Water Reduction in Taiwan

We partnered with the Taipei Office of the Trade Council of Denmark and the Taiwan Water Corporation for a pilot project to reduce water loss in Taiwan. We trained the Taiwan Water Corporation staff in advanced leak detection methods, and in only one week, we found 13 leaks on the test site's and repaired them, resulting in a significantly reduced non revenue water.
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Stabilizing the Water Supply in China

We joined Hjørring Water Company, Krüger-Veolia, Envidan Water, Grundfos, AVK China, and Kamstrup China for a project to reduce water loss and stabilize the water supply in Changchun, China. Through the years, we have conducted multiple leak detections and trained the Chinese companies in how to use the equipment for advanced leak detection.
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Saving Millions of Danish Krone in Copenhagen

We installed 185 data loggers in Copenhagen on a permanent basis over a five-year period, and already on the second day of the project we found a leak. Instead of tackling it, we decided to leave the leak to see when the water reached the surface but found that it just ran down the sewer. By using the previous lift-and-shift method, the leak alone would have cost 1.2 million Krone.
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Presentation at Danish Water Conference: 'Find the Leak'

This presentation was held on the Danish Water Conference 2019 in Aarhus and MSc in Engineering, Gitte Marlene Jansen, provided specific examples specific data utilization from the LEAKman project. The presentation compared data from various systems, components, meters and sensors.
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A Future with Minimised Water Loss

We installed 125 noise loggers in Klampenborg, Denmark and found two leaks just a few days after the installation. The first leak was repaired only a week after identification, and the second leak was repaired three weeks after identitification because the leak were identified on a private pipe installation, which usually makes the owner responsible for the repair. However, it was fixed in cooporation with Danish water supplier Nordvand.
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Danish Water Technology on Display in the White House

On March 22nd 2016 it was the US's World Water Day. Together with Grundfos, Danfoss, Kamstrup, Rambøll, DHI, Skytem, AVK, Danish water utilities, Danva, MCH and State of Green we represented Denmark at the exhibition, showing examples og intelligent technology to be used in combatting water challenges.
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The Sound of Water

In this case study you'll find an in-depth description of Leif Koch, our expertise, technology and methods. Denmark is renowned as a front runner in prevention of water loss with only 6 percent of our drinking water lost in distribution, and Leif Koch A/S is proud to assist many utilities in Denmark and abroad in continiously reducing water loss.
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Reducing Non-Revenue Water in Chijin Island, Taiwan

This project illustrated that together with the overall NRW master plan, ongoing leakage detection and repairs on the pipeline system could reduce the NRW. The KPIs were determined to reduce NRW by 10% within the next 5 years. 
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Using Alternative Methods in Greenland

In 2012, Nukissiorfiit Qaqortoq lost 5-7 m3 of water each day on their district heating plant. We had to use alternative methods to find the leaks because of the nature of the pipes, and we found that trace gas would be the best solution. Our experienced leak operator, Jan jørgensen, found the leaks and ended his stay with an educational course in our methods.
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Global Water Issues - Danish Solutions

Leif Koch are on board in a project, which is combining the techniques of the frontrunners in the Danish water business. We work to reduce the leakageloss of drinkingwater on burried water pipes.
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India - Water Challenges and the Way Forward

In India it is estimated that between 40 and 50 percent of the supplied water is lost due to leakages in pipes and connections. Danish expertise will help India save their water resources by using our technology to detact leakages.
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Dansk vand og LEGO i Det Hvide Hus (in Danish)

USA are struggling with drought and a massive waste of water, and billions will be invested reduce Americans' water and energy consumption. Danish water technology companies have many of the solutions that Americans crave.
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Danish Water Technology on Display at the White House

The event is part of the American endeavor of handling the multi-facetted water- and climate challenges, the country faces. This is following the American commitment to the agreement at the COP21 and in realization of the fact that climate change to a large degree will affect the world through water.
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Vandalliance officielt søsat (in Danish)

California has the highest population in the United States, with well over 39 mio. inhabitants. For the past four years, they have experienced the worst drought period in more than 100 years. The pressure is enormous as the water resources in the area are dwindling. It requires stable and efficient solutions throughout the water distribution to secure the water they have.
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Precise Detection of Water Leaks

An article about Leif Koch, our leak detection equipment and methods and our different courses.
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