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Leak Detection Conducted by Professional Leakage Operators

Leif Koch A / S is a leader in Denmark in reducing water loss in the supply network. We are specialists in locating leaks on buried drinking water pipes.

Through effective efforts and rapid localization of breaks in drinking water pipes, we reduce water loss in your distribution network. Our expertise is based on more than 45 years of experience, from many parts of the world.
We help you reduce the time between the occurrence of a leak until repair and in that way save precious resources.
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Depending on your country and your specific needs, we put together a custom course - or you can visit our Test Center in Denmark.


We gladly consult you in products for leak detection, and we help you put together a long-term strategy to reduce water loss.

Water Technology Alliance, California

Danish solutions to American problems

California has the highest population in the United States, with well over 39 mio. inhabitants. For the past four years, they have experienced the worst drought period in more than 100 years. The pressure is enormous as the water resources in the area are dwindling. It requires stable and efficient solutions throughout the water distribution to secure the water they have. Against this background, the Danish-American Water Alliance was created the Water Technology Alliance (WTA).

Leak Detection Services

Here at Leif Koch A/S we offer everything from leak detection of our top professional leakage operators, to the sale of modern instruments as well as personal advice and relevant support.
Prevent or treat unnecessary waste
Leaks are inconvenient as the clean drinking water seeps through the leak and back into the underground instead of out to the consumer, draining both environmental and economic resources. Leif Koch A / S monitors the wiring network with modern technology and in-depth expertise. In this way, the time from the leak occurs until it is rectified and precious resources are saved.

Leif Koch - Experience since 1975

Leif Koch A / S is a privately owned family business founded by Edith and Leif Koch in 1974. It makes us Denmark's oldest leak detection company, with almost 50 years of experience.
In the company's early years, the main tasks were locating leaks on gas lines, hence the flame in our logo. With the declining consumption of gas in the 1980s and 1990s, there was a shift to today where the focus is on locating leaks on grounded drinking water pipes. In 1980, his son Jørgen Würtzner Koch was hired as the head of the company's water leakage department. In 1985 he joined the management as a partner with Edith and Leif Koch.
Leakage Detection
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